Car Title Loans

Do You Need Cash Quick?

If your need of a cash loan up to $50,000 and have been turned down by standard banks & credit unions a vehicle title loan might just be the perfect option for you. You can use your vehicle as a promise you will repay the loan back. Throughout the loan term you can continue to keep and use your vehicle.

How Does A Car Title Loan Work?

A title loan is an option for borrowing money if you have a low credit score and own a car or another vehicle.

CreditMaxx Vehicle Title loans are short-term, our vehicle title loan terms range between 3 months and 3 years.

Other known names for CreditMaxx’s unique Title Loan Program are:

  • car title loans
  • auto title loans
  • vehicle title loans
  • vehicle collateral loans

Did you know you could use any type of vehicle to apply for a title loan? You could use a motorcycle, RV, ATV, heavy-duty equipment, or any type of vehicle you currently hold the registration for.

Unlike Banks and credit unions CreditMaxx is a unique lender that doesn’t discriminate against people experienceing credit issues.

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Interested In Financing A Second Vehicle?

Getting A Second Vehicle Could Help Build Equity

After getting a vehicle title loan you might want to consider building equity in a second vehicle loan. As a CreditMaxx customer you will be guaranteed a lower interest then other alternative lenders.